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5 Fun Wedding Ideas for 2012

We want to welcome you to All About The Details's Blog!  We're so excited to be heading into 2012 with our brand new website and fun, fresh ideas for the new year!  Below are a few ideas that will hopefully provide inspiration for your event!


5 Fun Wedding Ideas for 2012

Brooch Bouquets

Bouquets don't have to be made of just flowers anymore! You can use sentimental pieces and get imaginative when creating these bouquets.  Another perk, they will "bloom" long past your wedding day, without the expensive cost of having to preserve flowers!  If getting artistic isn't your thing you also have the option of purchasing these beautiful creations online from websites such as



Theme Weddings

Full scale themes will be BIG this year! And, why not? Themes are fun for everyone involved, from the wedding party to the guests.  These themes are being carried throughout every element of your event - invitations, flowers, food, cake, favors!  Couples are even bringing their theme into their engagement photo shoots and using the pictures in their save-the-dates and at the reception.  You can look to movies, books, tv shows, the outdoors and even food for inspiration on creating a unique theme that speaks to the two of you as a couple.


Specialty Stations

A popular wedding idea for the reception is specialty stations.  From liquor tastings stations to coffee bars with baristas, what type of specialty station to have at your event is only limited by your imagination.  In fact, depending on your theme, you could even try something like a cigar bar or have an entire reception centered on the idea of hosting a wine and cheese sampling.


Addressing Invitations in a Fun Way

Invitations addressed on a diagonal is a fun, inexpensive way to vamp up your invitations and give them a unique look!  Since invitations make one of the first impressions for what your guests can expect at the wedding giving them an unexpected look is the perfect way to tell your guests to get ready for a great event!


Surprise Your Guests

Whether it's with something unusual (like your dinner being catered by food trucks) or fireworks, or maybe an old school favorite with a new twist (like cookies & milk for dessert - but serve the milk in a martini glass and top the glass with your favorite type of cookie).  Couples are continually looking for ways to personalize their wedding and get that extra "wow" factor and guests are loving every bit of it.


Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event.  Whether you choose one of the above ideas below or come up with your own unique designs, just be sure to make your big day a memorable one!

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