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The Abbey -The Mezz | Orlando Wedding Planner | Wendy & Robert

Wendy & Robert planned an amazing event in downtown Orlando last September.  They tied the knot during a candle lit ceremony in The Abbey while the Paint It Black Quartet played some of the bride and groom's favorite music like Don't Stop Believing by Journey and Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses.  Then they moved upstairs to The Mezz where the room was decorated in Pink, Pewter, Black & Bling.  Great music, fun guests, an open bar and tons of cupcakes made for a fantastic reception!  They ended the night in true downtown style making their exit in a rickshaw cart that brought them back to their hotel. Cheers to an amazing couple! 


Wedding Coordinator: Angela, All About The Details -, Venue: Jenna, The Abbey/The Mezz -, Caterer: Connie, Cuisiniers -, Bar Catering: Lynda, Barfly -, Photographer/Video: Nelson, Steven & Doug, Orlando Wedding Pix -, Ceremony Music: Shannon, Paint It Black Quartet -, Officiant: Rev. Kevin Knox, A Beautiful Ceremony -, Hair & Make-up: Kayla, K Studios -, Cupcakes: Anna, Anna Cakes -, Flowers/Decor: Rebecca, Windermere Flowers -, DJ: Asher, A-List DJ Entertainment -, Rickshaw Cart: Luke, Rydes Pedicab Company -


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